Yellowstone National Park sign at the North Entrance;Jim Peaco;October 1992

Trip to Yellowstone National Park: Get Ready to Devour in an Experience of Lifetime

If you are a high school student and connoisseur of wildlife and natural beauty, you should enroll your name as soon as possible for the once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Yellowstone National Park organized by Adventure Safari Network Foundation.  The non-profit group in conjunction with the Yellowstone Foundation and other partners is offering a lifetime opportunity to students of selected areas, who have completed 8 -12 grades to visit America’s first National Park. If wilderness enthralls your senses, this trip which will take place 20th June-30th June, 2016, is the best one to take a peek into the nature and its extravagant beauty.

Experience of lifetime at unbelievable price

If you think that the trip to Yellowstone will cost huge and you are afraid of asking parents for money, don’t worry at all. The trip is now available at a discounted price of $300, allowing students from diverse financial background to take the opportunity easily. Price will not be a constraint for a student who is really deserving, motivated and true connoisseur of wilderness. The easy online enroll process for the program involves an essay, three letters of recommendation and an interview. If you are selected for the trip, apart from some helpful fund raising ideas, scholarships will be provided to the right candidates. Interesting and alluring, right?

Time to hone your inner wildlife photographer

The foundation offers low-cost opportunities for willing students to gain an overall knowledge of photography. Starting from environmental education, leadership training to photography workshops, this 10 days long trip will include different kinds of exciting learning programs for the students. Established with an aim to provide outdoor or nature experiences to young pupils, the Adventure Safari Network Foundation will offer you opportunities to enhance your photography skill with targeted lessons from the eminent photography instructors. Adding to this great opportunity, you will also be allowed to print your photos daily and return with a personalized album of the trip. Isn’t it great!!!

Some other enchanted attractions

The Yellowstone trip will also include some other famous spots like Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Grand Teton National Park. Be it the majestic beauty of Mt. Rushmore or the lush green valleys of Grand Teton National Park, the enigmatic beauty of Mother Nature will enthrall your senses everywhere you go. Besides, allowing you to witness the enthralling beauty of nature, the program aims to help you to connect with the wilderness and learn about conservation and restoration of our natural ecosystems and valuable resources. If you are willing to go for the amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park, you have to submit the application before October 15th. It is a rolling an enrollment program, so applications will close when all spots are filled up. So without wasting a single day, submit your application as soon as possible because the early applicants will get preferential treatment. You can share your valuable ideas, suggestions and experiences here below this page prior or during your trip to Yellowstone in the coming month of June.

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