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Lincoln Park Zoo Night Safari

Join us for a workshop focused on night photography conducted during the holiday season in conjunction with the Holiday Light Festival.

Working in the glow of the Holiday Light Festival, your guide will first give you a 40-minute presentation to help you understand your camera and how to use it to capture night photography scenes including when to shoot night shots, how to meter, why and how to use a tripod. Recommendations for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings are also discussed during this overview. Bring your camera and lenses; a tripod is not required, but you are welcome to bring one. A telephoto lens has been recommended in the past as well, so bring one if you have one.

Following this overview, you will begin capturing stunning night scenes throughout the Zoo including light trails from the motion displays. At each point along the way, your guide will critique your photos as you are taking them, helping you to correct exposure, composition and white balance right on the spot, so that you can immediately see the effect of your own corrective measures.

This hands-on training will give you invaluable photo techniques for your future night photography while at home or during your travels!

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