Drone Flight Videos

Real Estate and Property Drone Tours

We showcase your home or business by shooting video with our 1080P HD drone camera. Using unique maneuvers we capture creative angles from low and high elevations to stream smooth professional quality clips. We put it all together and deliver a final edited product that includes a smooth workflow, native sound effects and is synced to background music.

Agriculture Field Scouting

Equipped with a 1080P HD camera, we will fly above your field to quickly broaden your view of the health of your crop. We can narrow in on problematic areas and zoom in to take still photos for closer inspection. Mapping your field throughout the season can quickly and efficiently lead you to precision agriculture. View a live shot on a HD TV while we fly or receive a video file for your archives within minutes after the flight.

Construction Timelapse Projects

We’ll make frequent visits to your changing job site and document progress through still photography. Using our flight control compass, GPS and landmarks we can take pictures from precisely the same location in the air to give you a smooth time-lapse project when complete.

Promotional Video Filming

Capitalize on the trending point-of-view. We can show you a unique perspective from the air that you’ll be able to share with your family, friends or customers. Get the shot you need with our creativity and maneuverability. Clips can for be used for promotional videos, TV commercials, special event videos and even movies.
Aerial Photography

We’ll visit your site and take aerial pictures from all angles and elevations. Our creative editing can supply you with multiple image, horizontal and vertical panoramas or single shots that capture the view you’re looking for.

Golf Course Flyovers

Keep up with current trends and give your golfers a high definition flyover view of every hole on your course. The video files can be embedded into your website or uploaded to your golf cart GPS software. We’ll add your course logo and special instructional voiceover to each video as requested.


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