What happens if there is inclement weather on the day my adventure safari, class or event is scheduled?

The weather on the day of your adventure safari will definitely impact the types of photos you’ll get, though the overwhelming majority of our adventure safaris go on rain or shine. Many of our adventure safari locations have a mixture of indoor and outdoor shooting/sheltering locations so we can adjust to most weather changes.

Also, days that many of us think are going to be poor for an adventure safari turn out to give us the most amazing shots because of the constantly changing sky and thunderous clouds. There are a few adventure safaris each year, however, where the adventure safari leader feels the weather will create a negative experience for participants.

In those cases, your adventure safari leader will cancel the adventure safari at least 2 hours prior to the adventure safari start time and a member of our staff will contact all participants via the phone number and e-mail address that was provided during registration to notify of the cancellation. Our office staff will then work with you to find a future date in the future that will work for your schedule.

Also, please be aware that weather can differ wildly within just a few miles. If it is raining heavily where you live, it may be lightly sprinkling or be sunny where the adventure safari is scheduled to take place. There may be situations where there is a thunderstorm when you arrive and you can start the adventure safari indoors, and then are able to come outside when feasible.

That being said, please try to arrive to the adventure safari with proper rain equipment (umbrella, rain jacket, etc) if rain is in the forecast.


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