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The Cameras for Kids program gets cameras into the hands of kids who may not have an opportunity to have a camera and gives fundamental training in digital photography. Our organization accepts abandoned cameras and recycles them to get them into the hands of youngsters eager for self expression. Photography can be such a powerful mode of expression, and these kids have a great time taking photos and showing off their photography.

The program started after instructors arrived to teach a class to middle school students in a Chicago inner-city program only to find that none of the kids had a camera. The leaders of the program were apologetic and promised that cameras would be available for the next class. Upon arrival to the second class, it was discovered that only one of the cameras that were available for the class were working. Having one camera for the entire class offered a whole set of challenges, and we decided that day to try to help.

Cameras, memory cards, cases and batteries are donated and the items are cleaned and prepared for delivery.

We have been teaching digital photography at community colleges and for whiz kids programs for some time and this program works as a natural extension of these activities.

If you have camera equipment available to donate (anything that turns on is wonderful, even if something else is broken or doesn't work right), please mail the equipment and any related material (manual, memory card, batteries, case, etc.) to the following address and include a sheet of paper inside the box with "Cameras for Kids Program donation" written on it:

Photo Safaris Foundation

Cameras for Kids Program

c/o United Camera

Tower Lane Business Park

1062 Tower Lane

Bensenville, Illinois 60106

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