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The Foundation supports and promotes conservation and sustainability initiatives as one of its fundamental objectives and is excited to be partnering with and supporting the Byron Forest Preserve, located in the Illinois’ Rock River Valley, in its efforts to educate youth and community members about environmental issues.

In 2010, the Foundation provided support to the Preserve thru photographs to decorate the newly built Keller education center. These photos illustrate the forest preserve as it is today, structures, and some of the beautiful wildlife in the preserve. These images will not only beautify the Keller Center, but will also serve to illustrate the importance of conserving these natural resources for years to come. The Foundation also developed greeting cards and thank you notes with these images, and sales from these items will financially benefit the Forest Preserve.

Additionally, the Foundation is involved in a two-year project to document the plant and animal life existing in the preserve. This project includes a full time photographer, working with the biologists and other forest preserve staff, to pictorially document the various stages of plant life. The photographer is also developing delivery methods to enhance the educational objectives of the Preserve, and completion is expected in 2012.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email us.

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