About Kelly

Company Role:
Local Safari Leader

What I Enjoy Photographing:
Street Life, People, Abstract

Canon 5D & iPhone!

What I Enjoy About Photography:
I get to share with the world how I see the world!

Kelly was introduced to photography in 3rd grade where she worked on the yearbook committee and was hooked! She started her professional photography career shooting weddings and now enjoys street life, people & abstract photography, all of which allow her to share the world as she sees it. In her free time, Kelly enjoys exploring San Francisco, adding to her vinyl record collection, and attending music shows.

Recent Comments from participants about Kelly:

She was very knowledgeable and had a lot experience.

She knew what she was doing and was very helpful. Incredibly encouraging as well.

Safari leader was enthusiastic and provided frequent feedback focused on what I wanted to work on.

Kelly was knowledgeable and patient

Kelly was great..she listened to our needs, and responded accordingly ...she had a pleasant personality, and was knowledgeable and able to answer our questions....

I mentioned that I wanted to work on composition, and Kelly focused her feedback in this area while reviewing my photos. For the group as a whole, Kelly devoted much time in reviewing everyone's photos.

Very friendly, helpful, positive. Kelly showed interest in what types of shots we preferred to take.

Kelly was very easygoing and made us extremely comfortable. She gave helpful critiques.

Flexible and knowlegeable

Kelly was easy to understand, allocated a good amount of time to the entire group and to each individual, ensured that all the objectives were met and did not spend too much time trying to troubleshoot camera specific issues.

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