About Gary

Company Role:
President & Chief Operating Officer

What I Enjoy Photographing:
Birds, Wildlife, Landscapes

Nikon D3X & Nikon D300

Our founder, Gary, is a member of the Professional Photographers of America. He leads our product development team, creating hands-on classes, seminars, and safaris reaching to all continents of the world and continues to teach classes and lead safaris. Gary has an MBA from Notre Dame and formerly officiated basketball in Northern Illinois. He is a private pilot and scuba diver, and always seems to find ways to intertwine his hobbies with photography.

Recent Comments from participants about Gary:

Extremely patient with us....took the time to get us to the " I got it" stage.

Very straight forward and had great synergy. He was excited about our topic and it showed. I'd do it again.

He was thorough and made sure everyone was on the same page.

Very personable, made class enjoyable

They us understand in a way that we could understand and if still did not they change it so we could

The instructors made sure everyone was on the same page and understood the topic before moving on.

Gary is always happy to help with questions and he is very informative.

Gary kept us on course....no getting off the subject. Thus making good use of the time.

Our leader (Gary) explained things clearly and gave us plenty of time to try different features of our cameras.

Answered every question I had and used his tablet to get the answers when he needed too

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